Foton Tractor

Foton Tractor

The advantages of a Foton Tractor are Endless.

If you found this web site, chances are you are in the market for a new tractor.  With all of the different options in the tractor market there are literally thousands of choices for a Farmer or land owner in Australia.   Foton tractors are one of the fastest growing tractor manufacturers in Australia and offer a high quality tractor at a very affordable price.  There are several foton tractor models that are sure to meet every land owners needs.  Foton offers tractors ranging from 25 HP all the way up to 82 HP.  The 25 HP model is by far the best seller as it is a perfect tractor for the small land owner who only has a few acres to tend to around his or her home.

Whichever foton tractor that you may choose, you can be rest assured that you are purchasing a high quality piece of industrial grade equipment.  Foton tractors go through rigorous quality control testing to ensure that each tractor and implement performs to the highest standard.

Located in Nerang, we are one of the leading dealers of Foton tractors. We offer the full line of these tractors and also stock all of the necessary implements that you would need to perform almost any task on your land.  Give us a call today on 1800-140-677 or make an enquiry today.


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