Foton Tractors

Foton Tractors

Foton tractors are quickly becoming the tractor of choice for small to mid size land owners in Australia due to their affordability, quality and versatility.  Not only are these tractors made with very high quality standards, but they are also made with safety in mind.

All tractors sold by Foton have been ISO and OECD tested and also carry the Australian equivalent ROPS certification.  Many competitors of Foton do not provide these same certifications, so it is important to be aware of these differences when shopping for a new tractor.  These tractors also are backed by an industry leading full written warranty program which is unmatched in the tractor industry.  Many believe Foton tractors to be the best tractor exported from China.  Foton exports tractors to over 100 different countries which proves their commitment to quality and reliability.

As one of the leading distributors of Foton Tractors, if you are in the market for a new foton tractor, you should consider buying from us. National Machinery Traders is one of the longest standing distributors of these tractors and has the staff, facilities and know how to support your needs after the sale.  While the tractor is important, the network of people working behind the scenes should your tractor have problems is even more important.  Call National Machinery Traders today at 1800-140-677.


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